Kids Internet Pledge


Staying safe online is becoming an increasing problem.  You will never be able to watch every move your child does online but you can do several things to help them stay safe.

We have compiled a short list to help you on your way.

  1. Learn more about technology and ask your kids questions.  They will be willing to show you things and pleased you are showing an interest.
  2. Think about setting up blocking facilities such as OPENDNS – Open DNS can help block certain sites without restricting the whole house.
  3. Smaller children love YouTube but did you know there is a ‘kids version’ of YouTube where you can set time restrictions and be sure there is no content your child should not be watching.
  4. Restrict iPads and Tablets from downloading new Apps – For instructions click for ANDROID or APPLE.
  5. If you child is old enough to use Social Media ask them to see their friends list and randomly ask them about people they have on their friends list.  Ensure they know them and insist on deleting them if they don’t.

This is just a small step to keeping your family safe online.  At Kreative Technology we are frequently asked about online safety and frequently we are asked to visit homes and business to check on settings and security.  If you are at all worried please feel free to book an engineers visit by calling 01289 332127 or send us an email through our CONTACT PAGE.

Another successful thing to do it download one of our pledges below.  We have one for younger children and one for teenagers.  Download the ‘pledge’ and read it through with them.  Get them to sign it and stick it on your fridge.  It will give you some authority when checking on internet usage and will also get them thinking about the risks of doing certain things online.  Encourage them to discuss each point and ask them for examples.

The internet is there to be enjoyed but kids do need to be protected.  Visit Child Net – a great site to gain more information on the subject.


(if you do not have a printer, pop into our workshop and pickup a FREE copy at reception)

Kreative Technology Younger Child Pledge

Kreative Technology Teenager Pledge