Virus and Malware Removal and Protection

virus-removal-malware-protectionMalware is an ever increasing threat with thousands of new threats being released every day. The effects can vary tremendously but some of the more common symptoms can be:

  • Pop-up’s and advertisements
  • Fake “Tune-up” software which claims you have thousands of errors which their software can repair… if you pay £x.xx. The ‘scam’ is these errors don’t exist to begin with, they just want your money.
  • Keyloggers and spyware. One of the more dangerous infections these can log everything you type including passwords.
  • Ransomware. This particularly nasty type of malware will encrypt all your data into an unreadable form then ask you for payment to de-crypt it again.

If you experience any of these, or something else which you think may be virus/malware related, gives us a call or drop into the office so we can take a look. We give your system a thorough clean-up using both manual removal and several specialist tools. We also take steps to prevent future re-infection.


Prevention is better than cure!

Have a chat with one of our technicians about the steps you can take to prevent infection. Antivirus software, internet security, anti-spam and content filtering. As an AVG partner we can offer the full package and usually we are cheaper than purchasing direct!