Wifi Setup

Wifi setup for home or businessCoverage

WiFi coverage is one of the most common issues we deal with. Thick walls can rapidly decease signal from one room to the next and many houses are just too large to be covered by standard routers. If you find yourself struggling to get a good signal in certain rooms, would like your WiFi extended to the garden or even another building then give us a call. We offer several solutions such as repeaters, powerline adapters (utilize your existing power lines), cabled access points, wireless links across long distances. Let us assess what suits you best.



Did you know the WEP security protocol is estimated to be in use by 18% of all routers today… yet it can be hacked in under 5 minutes with nothing more than a laptop and some basic IT knowledge. Just because you have a password doesn’t necessarily mean your network is secure.

WiFi is an entry point to your network and all the data stored within, making security vitally important for businesses.


Guest Networks

We specialize in installation of guest networks for holiday cottages, B&B’s, caravan parks etc. It’s becoming almost a necessity to provide your guests with WiFi but there are many things to consider.

  • Privacy. You don’t want your guests having access to your own personal devices over the network, and they likely don’t want you to have access to theirs.
  • Fair usage. One user deciding to download a large number of files could bring the network to a crawl for everyone else as you all share the same bandwidth. We can put limits in place to prevent this.
  • Legal Cover. You can’t control what your guests do on the internet yet if they view anything illegal you could be held responsible as the broadband connection is in your name. We can make sure you are covered with legal disclaimers and content filtering.
  • Monitoring. We can provide detailed monitoring.

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